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        CHINAPLAS 2023

        Source:The SiteDate:2023/8/22 Click:0

        Guangdong Xinda Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this international event this year to show our new achievements for customers at home and abroad.

        Since 1987, "CHINAPLAS" has been supported by the European Association of Manufacturers of Machinery for the Plastics and Rubber Industries (EUROMAP) as a supported exhibition. "CHINAPLAS 2023 will be the 32nd consecutive China Plastics & Rubber Exhibition to be exclusively sponsored by EUROMAP.

        The total area of the show was 380,000 square meters, an increase of 8.6% compared with the 2021 show, with 18 exhibition halls. The exhibition gathered more than 3,900 Chinese and foreign high-quality exhibitors, among which about 25% were overseas exhibitors.

        After the epidemic, the exhibition made the exhibitors and visitors more enthusiastic. The exhibition after the epidemic is even more exhibitors and visitors enthusiasm. Let's look forward to the next CHINAPLAS in Shanghai.